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Muslims say on embarking on any significant endeavour and the phrase is considered to be a major pillar of Islam divinely to maintain Divinity embedded with Humility.

This phrase is truly an ideal to be expressed from the heart an ideal to be expressed with the utmost sincerity, an ideal which leads us toward sacred purpose, the purpose for which we have been given Life by the Creator on Universe to be divine within Mankind.

It is translated as:

– By means of the very essence of God

– For the glory of our Creator

– With the light of the One

– With the guidance of The Divine

– As an instrument of the One

– In harmony with Divine Presence

Have Divinity with Infinite Infinity with Humanity to attain Supremacy!


Have a Fabulously Fabulous Splendid phase!

Have a Fabulously Fabulous phase throughout the Stay!

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