Pencil sketch on An Individual with ‘Diviine Sophistication’ by Gulzar Hassanally.


Be a Girl with a Mind,
A Woman with Refine Attitude,
A Lady with Sophisticated Class.

Go with Supremacy.

Gulzar Hassanally


SOUL OF A DIVINE STORM, pencil sketch by Gulzar Hassanally

Head with Divine Zest From East to West
and stay with Diviine Best


She has the soul of a storm and freedom
of the wind.

She has eyes like the stars with
moonshine within.

Embedded with the strength of
the sea and lightning in her toes.

She dances on the breeze of
change wherever she goes.

Hotter than a Volcano and deeper
than the oceans.

A whirling, swirling myriad of
feelings and emotions.

She is daughter of the Earth,
primordially inspired.

She is Water
She is Air
She is Earth
Shee is Fire!
She is Universe

You are born with the fire of Queens,
Warriors & Conquerors.

You were born with Immeasurable Soul
reaching out past Infinity.

Remember Divine woman,
your power and grace,
the depth of your deep
ocean of heart.

Never forget you are Woman,
Divine with Sophistication
as you have been ever since
been into existence on Universe.

Gulzar Hassanally

Pencil sketch on I AM AN HEART OF THE HEARTIEST by Gulzar Hassanally


I am an artist

Driven by passion

Seized by obsession

Delighted by creation

Enthralled with expression

Entranced by vision

Diverted by daydreams

Captured with visualization

Filled with emotions

Fueled by compulsion

Consumed with beauty

Blindsided by Inspiration

Welcome to my Instinctive mind with Divine Distinctive Individuality.

D Divine Individual

I Infinite Infinity

V Vivacious Individulaity

A All time ecstatic around and surron

Diva’s aren’t made, they are born by the Creator on Universe.

Gulzar Hassanally

Pencil sketch, WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE by Gulzar Hassanally


Be a woman of Substance. Be a real Infinite Woman.

She wears Crown of her own which enabled her

to learn from the shortfalls since she

accumulated during high and low notes,

thick and thin

to overcome with Supremacy with Dignified Divinity

and yet with Sophistication.

Remember, Woman,

your Power and Grace,

the depth of your deep sea heart.

You were born with an Immeasurable

Soul reaching out past Infinity.

You were born with Divine abandon, and to name your own Divine Destiny.

Gulzar Hassanally

Pencil sketch on Poem on Woman by Gulzar Hassanally

Poem on Woman

Some say I am a strong woman.

Some tell me I am a brave woman.

Some think I possess sophistication .

Some tell you I’ m a good woman.

While some think I’ m not much of a woman

Or at all like any other women they ever knew

And that I could be so

much more.

But all I am a woman of warrior.

All I am is my woman,

I am the woman I can be Distinctive.

The one I want to be Supremely Supreme.

Not the one I should be, could be, would be.

Not so much more, too much like, or nearly so to be Divine Gold attired with Sophisticated Bold.

Gulzar Hassanally

Pencil sketch on ONE IN A MILLION KIND OF WOMAN by Gulzar Hassanally


I am not a ONE in a million kind of a girl.

I’m a ONCE in a life kind of a WOMAN.

Since she is embedded around and surround Divinely Divinity with inordinate Supremacy.

I am life.

I am love.

I am beauty.

I am humble.

I am powerful.

I am spiritual.

I am optimistic.

I am accepting.

I am passionate.

I am consistent.

I am meaningful.

I am committed.

I am an advocate.

I am principally strong.

I am my own happiness.

I am Divinely Divine.

I am Sophisticated with exuberant Admiration.


I am a Woman of Substance with

Distinctive Instinctive Instincts.

Gulzar Hassanally